How To Properly Care For Your Valuables

pack your jewels


Some of your belongings are more delicate than others. Such include jewellery, fine art among other antiques. Proper storage and maintenance is therefore mandatory for such items to ensure they are always in pristine condition. Logistics Management is extremely important. The following tips will prove to be very helpful in ensuring your valuables remain safe in the coming years.

1. Avoid handling the artwork as much as you can: The fragile nature of the artwork can easily be damaged if not handled carefully. To reduce this risk, support the artwork form underneath or carry it by the two end corners, instead of pinching it.

2. Storage environment matters a lot: A stable and consistent environment is key, especially for artwork in storage. This means that atmospheric conditions like temperature and relative humidity should not fluctuate drastically in the long run. The quality of air should also be good and free of dust, dirt and other contaminants. Also, the more environment friendly, the storage boxes, the better. This is what eco-friendly removalists Sydney have been trying to preach in the local community.

3. Paintings and paper works are very sensitive to light: These artworks will fade and the sheets will loose their integrity when they are exposed to natural light over a long period of time. It is very important to frame your items under a glass that filters out the harmful UV ray, especially if you are intending to display your collections.

4. Canvases should be leaned on exclusively flat surface to avoid leaving dents which could damage the art. The canvas should be leaned against the wood of the stretcher bars to ensure nothing presses against it.

5. Consider storage facility options: If your current storage space is not sufficient to conveniently store your collection, consider relocating some of them to a reputed art storage facility. Consider the following before settling on a particular storage facility:
– the viewing cost
– extra fees
– types of fire suppression
– Natural disaster plans
– The billing arrangements

6. All types of glassware should be stored in dust free, dry and pest free environment to prevent scratches and breakages.

7. The original packing materials should be kept well. This is essential in making sure that the delicate items are packed and stored safely in case of any transition.

8. Often wear your jewellery. The oil in your skin will serve to ”clean” and maintain the shiny condition of your jewellery. Also remember to remove jewellery when performing household chores to avoid tarnishing and corroding them.

9. Always start from the highest point when cleaning porcelain. Remove the dirt and dust with a dry and soft brush.

10. It is very important to keep record of all your collection. The artwork should be well organized at all times, irrespective of the medium.

Keep these tips in mind during your next move!

In Memory of Professor John T. Mentzer

Dr. John T. Mentzer, Chancellor’s Professor and Harry J. and Vivienne R. Bruce Chair of Excellence in Business in the Department of Marketing & Logistics at the University of Tennessee passed away in his Knoxville home on Friday, February 26th. Dr. Mentzer was a pre-eminent scholar. Each day he exemplified the best of the business academic discipline, consistently contributing through teaching, application and discovery.  His presence was in great demand by a broad range of audiences, ranging from undergraduate students to CEO’s of multinational corporations. He approached the business world as a laboratory, enabling him to integrate theoretical insights with cutting edge practices. The knowledge he generated helped facilitate his impressive teaching and research record.  He unselfishly extended those benefits to include his colleagues, here at the University of Tennessee and elsewhere in business and academe.

In addition to his commitment to scholarship, Dr. Mentzer passionately served his institution and his discipline. Over the years he held key leadership roles including the President of the Academy of Marketing Science, President of the Council of Logistics Management and Executive Director for the University of Tennessee Demand & Supply Integration Forums. While serving in high-level positions, he continued to chair a variety of university committees, author impactful books and articles, and serve on many editorial review and advisory boards. He received numerous awards in the fields of Marketing and Supply Chain Management including the Berkman Distinguished Service Award for lifetime service to the Academy of Marketing Science in 2008, the Armitage Medal of the International Society of Logistics Engineers, and the Council of Logistics Management’s Distinguished Service Award in 2004. To garner such recognition in one discipline is a great accomplishment, to be so highly recognized in two competitive disciplines is extraordinary. He leaves a lasting legacy as mentor to dozens of former doctoral students now serving as faculty at institutions around the world.

In addition to Dr. Mentzer’s numerous awards and achievements, he will be most remembered for positively touching the lives and careers of those around him. Countless people benefitted from the kindness of Tom Mentzer. This perhaps stands as his greatest attribute, appropriately reflecting his mission to live an impactful life.

Learning to Celebrate Life

In January, Dr Mentzer wrote an inspiring 53-page ‘book’ of his life, his ordeal, and his beliefs. The work entitled “Learning to Celebrate Life” is about keeping your glass half-full (celebrating life) versus half-empty (enduring life). Dr. Mentzer asked that this be shared and to reach as many people as possible.

En sa mémoire, voici son manuscrit : “Learning to Celebrate Life”.